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Every year Lakhs of students strive to be part of the Summer Science Camp

No more classrooms, learn right in the field where actual action happens. #experiential learning

National Science Concours is not just an Online Test. It is a lifetime experience.
#fun & learning

Step 1
Online Test

After registration, you need to take an online Test. It is again unique and very innovative. You can take this test anytime and from anywhere.

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Step 2

Level 2 is about creating a project of your choice. This project can be on any of the topics that have been put up, or you can suggest one of your own which needs to be approved by the panel. This project can either be a research based project OR a working model

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Step 3

The Summer Science Camp is the ultimate prize for all winners of NSC. Robotics, Forensics, Electronics Workshop, Sky Gazing, Rock-Mineral walk, visit to Horticulture Institute and lots of other activities are conducted at the Camp.

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Why NSC and not other Science Olympiads?