Q: When will NSC 2020 - 2021 start?

A: Enrollment for Level I will begin from August 12, 2020. Online test can be given from September 15, 2020 to November 15, 2020. Registeration is already open.

Q: What is the fee to participate in NSC?

A: There is a nominal fee of Rs 150 to participate in NSC Level I.

Q: When will the Summer camp be held and where?

A: The Science Summer Camp will be held in the South -. North camp will be held -. The details will be communicated and published on the website.

Q: What date and time will the test happen?

A: You can login and choose to give the test at ANY time you like.

Q: Can I take the test from my home?

A: Yes you can take the test from anywhere. The only requisite is that you have a decent net connection.

Q: Any other pre-requisite for the test?

A: No

Q: Who will do the online registration, students or school?

A: The students have the option to go to www.nsc2019.com and register themselves. but the ideal way that we are proposing to the schools is for them to share the list with us and we do a bulk registration from our side. This is a very simple process where we need just the name class and section of the student. After we do the bulk registration, we will send that sheet back to you and you can distribute it to the students. This sheet would have the username and password for each student. Download Template.

Q: How the teacher will be nominated for NSC?

A: No teacher nomination is required for the test. The monitoring of the student happens online. We have teachers as NSC Champs who are people who nominate all the students from class VI to XII and are interested in promoting the NSC around them. They get a certificate for their efforts.

Q: What is the maximum file size for the project for Level II?

A: 250 MB

Q: How will I know if my project files have been uploaded?

A: You will be able to see on the screen the files that have been uploaded. You can also choose to remove them and upload new files.