This year's event will test, reward and benchmark the standards of success for students of Classes VI till XII. These classes will be divided into three categories

1. Class VI & VII
2. Class VIII & IX
3. Class X,XI & XII

NSC is a two stage competition. Level 1 is the Online Test and Level 2 is the project submission.

Stage I: Participate

Register Online

Students are required to register on our website. This registration is Free and very simple.

Enroll for Level I

After Registration Students are required to enroll for Level I. There is a fee of Rs 150, which can be paid Online or through cheque/draft or can be deposited directly in our Bank.

Take a Mock Practice Test

Practice before giving the actual test by giving this 20 question practice test.

Take Test

The Level 1 test can be taken at any time between the designated dates.

Stage II: Conceptualize

Based on the results of Level 1, We will publish a list of students who qualify for Level II.
Qualified students can participate in Level II by paying a nominal fee of Rs.250.
In Level II, the student will research a topic and prepare a Project.
The project can be submitted in any digital format. (Powerpoint/ Video/ Doc etc.)
The Project can ONLY be submitted through this portal. Emails submissions will not be accepted.


Based on the score Level 1 and Level 2, the top 180 students are selected as winners and will participate in Summer Science Camp completely free of cost.
There are two camps, one in South India and one in North India.
In the Camp, students will have a chance to experience science in a unique and practical way. Concepts and activities will be performed in using experiential techniques.

If you have doubts or questions, please call us at +91 7290002250.