This year's event will test, reward and benchmark the standards of success for students of Classes VI till XII. These classes will be divided into three categories

1. Class VI & VII
2. Class VIII & IX
3. Class X,XI & XII

NSC is a two stage competition. Level 1 is the Online Test and Level 2 is the project submission.

Stage I: Participate

Register Online

Students are required to register on our website. This registration is Free and very simple.

Enroll for Level I

After Registration Students are required to enroll for Level I. There is a fee of Rs 150, which can be paid Online or through cheque/draft or can be deposited directly in our Bank.

Take a Mock Practice Test

Practice before giving the actual test by giving this 20 question practice test.

Take Test

The Level 1 test can be taken at any time between the designated dates.

Stage II: Conceptualize

Based on the results of Level 1, We will publish a list of students who qualify for Level II.
Qualified students can participate in Level II by paying a nominal fee of Rs.250.
In Level II, the student will research a topic and prepare a Project.
The project can be submitted in any digital format. (Powerpoint/ Video/ Doc etc.)
The Project can ONLY be submitted through this portal. Emails submissions will not be accepted.


Based on the score Level 1 and Level 2, the top 180 students are selected as winners and will participate in Summer Science Camp completely free of cost.
There are two camps, one in South India and one in North India.
In the Camp, students will have a chance to experience science in a unique and practical way. Concepts and activities will be performed in using experiential techniques.

If you have doubts or questions, please call us at +91 7290002250.

Terms and Conditions

  1. NSC is conducted every year by FIEL (Foundation for Innovation and Experiential Learning).
  2. Registrations are already open. Only registered Students can participate in NSC. Students can register directly or through their school.
  3. After registering, participant need to enroll for Level I. Enrollments will be open from August 12, 2020. Enrollment fee for Level 1 is Rs 150.00.
  4. Participant can give his online test for Level 1 from September 15, 2020 to November 15, 2020 .
  5. Test will be conducted online at from September 15, 2020 to November 15, 2020 . Participants are expected to attempt the test till November 15, 2020. Under no circumstances the schedule will be changed for any participant.
  6. Participant should be a student of class VI to XII(XI and XII Science), and a relevant document to prove the same will be needed at the time of prize distribution.
  7. Participant is advised to take test from the Laptop or PC with good internet connectivity and proper power backup.
  8. Participant can also download our App from Google Play Store, to take test
  9. The FIEL or any of its associates or any of its directors, partners, or employees will not be responsible for any of the following:
    1. Could not complete test due to internet connectivity or power failure or any technical failure
    2. Any other reason due to which test was not completed i.e. act of god and any legal hurdle accrued suddenly
  10. Each participant will be awarded score based on the number of questions attempted.
  11. FIEL's decision will be final and abiding for all the participants in all terms and conditions in awarding prizes and no further complaints or request for reconsideration or rechecking will be entertained.
  12. Maximum liability of FIEL will be the refund of Competition fee subject to terms and conditions such as
    1. If the FIEL cancelled the Test without any reason then in that eventuality FIEL is liable to be refunding the competition fees deposited by the participant.
  13. By enrolling, every participant confirms that he/she has read, understood and accepted all the terms and conditions including permission from his/her parents or what-so-ever to participate in this contest.
  14. Every question has got fixed duration to answer and on completion of the duration, it will be skipped to next question automatically. Please take mock test to practice. Mock Test is available on dashboard.
  15. You will be selected for the Summer Science Camp based on your score in the Online test and the project/model presented by you in the second level. Judgement of our panel will be final and no queries or calls will be entertained regarding this. Only by paying competition fee, you do not become eligible for Summer Science Camp.
  16. Entire test will be recorded by taking pictures at random interval and if we find any ill-practices for e.g. support from others, participant will be deemed disqualified. No fee will be refunded in this case.
  17. Participant also agrees that for monitoring purposes, FIEL can take pictures of the participant at random interval from the webcam attached to the PC or laptop during the test.
  18. Parents or Guardians will not be allowed on Summer Science Camp, except for the last day of the camp.
  19. Jain food may not be provided at the camps.
  20. If we do not get enough participants for Level II. Summer Science Camp will not be organised and in lieu of that, Cash prizes will be distributed.
  21. If due to any reason, Science Summer Camp is not organised, maximum liability of FIEL will be to refund the participation Fee of Level 2 to all the participants.
  22. Dates and Venue for the summer camp will be declared later. Students will have to reach to the venue of the camp on their own. Students will have to arrange on their own for travel to Venue of the Camp. FIEL will not pay or reimburse any amount for the travel
  23. These terms and conditions are not exhaustive and may be amended later. Please do read it again before enrolling for the Next Level.
  24. Jurisdictions for any legal issues will be the courts of Delhi only.