What are International Olympiads

There are many internationally recognized contests, also known as Olympiads, which can help boost your resume when applying to college. These Olympiads are conducted by International Organisations, for more details, click on the Olympiads listed below. There are multiple rounds of competitions for these Olympiads. First level is conducted at National Level and there are Organisations in India which are associated with them and authorised to conduct these Olympiads in India. Depending on the Olympiad, you may have to overcome several qualifying competitions before being selected for the India's team. Olympiads listed in alphabetical order below:

International Biology Olympiad (IBO)

International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO)

International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI)

International Linguistics Olympiad (IOL)

International Math Olympiad (IMO)

International Physics Olympiad (IPhO)

These Olympiads have got nothing to do with following::

  • Conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation SOF
    • SOF National Cyber Olympiad
    • SOF National Science Olympiad
    • SOF International Mathematics Olympiad
    • SOF International English Olympiad
    • SOF International Company Secretaries Olympiad
    • SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad
  • Conducted by National Olympiad Foundation NOF
    • International Math Qualifier
    • International Science Qualifier
    • International GK Qualifier
    • International Biology Qualifier
    • International Aptitude Qualifier
    • International Commerce Qualifier
  • Conducted by Silver Zone Foundation
    • International Olympiad of Mathematics
    • International Olympiad of Science
    • International Olympiad of English Language
    • International French Language Olympiad
    • SmartKid General Knowledge Olympiad
    • International Social Studies Olympiad
    • Reasoning & Aptitude Olympiad

Why NSC?

NSC is not just an exam or competition. We do not want to burden students with one more test or exam. Our sincere effort is to encourage students to innovate and use their knowledge in creating a better world. We want to bring students out of the classroom and make them feel science all around them.

Today's children do not appreciate subjects which they are not able to relate with their day to day life. This leads to requirement for more and more experiential learning. With limited resources, we cannot cater to many students so we created this structure of NSC which promotes creativity and innovation and also help us identifying students who are serious about this subject.

National Science Concours reaches out to innovative students and takes them through an experiential learning journey. Our Science Camp features the most innovative experiential learning workshops exposing the participants to different fields of sciences. The two level selection process if to filter down to the really deserving participants. We don't compete or ever intend to compete with the Olympiads. We promote out of the box thinking and making the students comfortable with science along with encouraging them to take up research in all different fields of science.