About NSC

The National Science Concours or NSC is the first of its kind National Level Online Science Competition that was started by Pivotal in 2013. Since 2017, it has been part of the Not-for-Profit organisation, Foundation for Innovation and Experiential Learning.

NSC was based on the premise that experiential learning or learning by doing is the most effective form of learning, it was conceptualized to inspire and encourage the younger generation to learn and discover science and its practical usage. NSC is a not for profit endeavour and we aspire to provide a platform for all science enthusiasts from different backgrounds to experience and enjoy science in the outdoors. It caters to students of class VIth to class XIIth.

The National Science Concours is an effort to encourage the students to think out of the box and create masterpieces in a congenial environment. Our endeavour is to have the students experience and learn science in the most creative and innovative way. Our effort is to promote science in a way that it becomes interesting and exciting for the students.

We have on our esteemed panel a variety of science experts who are masters in their own fields. A retired scientist from ISRO, a geologist, an educationist, an astro-photographer, to name a few, along with teachers and professors from all over India.

Learning by Doing is the motto of NSC and we plan to take it to great heights.

Team NSC

Team NSC comprises of a very passionate and dedicate group of individuals who work as a team to make sure NSC values are imbibed. The team consists of technologists, creative minds, subject SMEs, marketing geniuses, business leaders, sales pioneers and innovative leaders.

About FIEL

Foundation for innovation and Experiential Learning(FIEL). FIEL is a not for profit trust, founded with a mission to promote experiential learning.

We want to innovate the way education is being imparted today. Education & learning should be fun with the prime objective of developing overall skills.